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Our name is Mutt and we work under a bridge in Portland, OR. We are a family of passionate problem-solvers who paint and write, debate and incite. Our gift is telling stories: about baseball, gelato, dead guys, whatever. Oh, and we have a motto: Beauty. Truth. Simplicity. Hopefully after looking at our work this will make sense.

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Unstoppable Mural

Gerber + Mutt = UNSTOPPABLE

For the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, our brief was simple. Find a new way to tell people in the outdoor industry what they already know: Gerber knives kick ass. So we thought about what we’d learned about Gerber in our years working together. Painstaking craftsmanship, ‘round the clock hard work,… Read More

Be this guy

Wanted: Account Director

Mutt is looking for an Account Director to lead key accounts. Sport and/or video game experience a big plus. Job description below. If qualified, please email cindy@muttindustries.com JOB DESCRIPTION: The Account Director is responsible for managing client relationships and ensuring all client projects are effectively managed throughout the lifecycle. The… Read More

Meet Some New Mutts

With the start of the new year, Mutt is happy to announce the addition of these fine folks to the family. Caitlin Hopkins joins us as an Account Supervisor. Erin Kelley joins us as our Digital Strategist. Natsuko Pursell joins us as a Designer. Join us in welcoming them whole-heartedly. To learn more about them,… Read More

Hunting Lodge

2014 SHOT Show

Last week, Gerber and Mutt went to Las Vegas for the annual Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show). This year in crafting Gerber’s booth experience, we were challenged to create something that educated about new products, highlighted Gerber’s 75 years in business and told compelling category stories. SHOT… Read More

Industrial Southeast

Stories Live Here

Take a walk through Portland and everything you see is loaded with narrative. Every corner is a potential plot twist and every passer-by a lead character. We brought these stories to life for people to read, write and share. First we wrote 100 original stories inspired by locations throughout Portland.… Read More

road trip

Mutt Wins a Rosey

Big congrats to our client Gerber Gear and all the Mutts who worked on Gerber’s American Expedition experiential campaign. Portland Ad Fed’s 118th Annual Rosey Awards honored the photography with a Rosey. These guys spent over a month in a van driving cross country meeting folks, throwing knives and taking… Read More

Pepper Guitar

Life Lessons From P:ear

Over the past month we’ve had the pleasure of working with some absolutely remarkable kids and their fearless mentors at P:ear. If you’re not familiar, P:ear mentors Portland’s homeless youth through education, art and recreation (P:ear is an acronym, too). They offer a safe community space off the streets and… Read More


Mutt + Design Week Portland

Come mix your beer with Utopian Design Theory at Mutt Industries. On Friday, Oct 11th, the Mutts will be opening our doors and displaying our work to the public. There will be alarmingly small logos, giant papier-mâché hearts, and, if Cindy lets us, a crossbow. It’s one of over 80 events and 100… Read More

Mutt Studios

For the love of words

About three weeks ago we gave ourselves a challenge. It was a biggie. Just how much of a biggie we’re only just getting our sleep-deprived brains around. Here’s what happened. The Wordstock literary festival came to us with the brief for the 2013 campaign. Having a love for the written… Read More



Nike Lebron X

NFL Network - Gameday NFL Network - Gameday NFL Network - Gameday Unstoppable Unstoppable



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Adam Long

Born in Lowell, Mass Adam lived most of his life in the North East, before relocating to Portland in 2002.  Bartender, Baker, Obit writer, film maker and ad dude are just some of the jobs Adam has had along the way. Adam has worked on television, feature films, and commercials.… Read More



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